It is so very rewarding to deliver the keys of a new home to first time home buyers.

Anyone that’s purchased a home understands that it is not a sprint-it’s a marathon.  The ebb and flow of the process is certainly not for those that lack stamina and motivation.  It is imperative as an agent to nurture along new buyers.  The amount of assistance greatly varies by where they are in the process when they first come to you.

There are those who have been working towards buying a home for upwards of a year or more that have taken the steps to intimately embrace their credit scores and budget.  They know what they need for down payment and they have done the necessary work to clean up their report.  They either have a pre-approval, or know that’s the next step and you simply have to re-enforce the process to them.

At the other end of the spectrum, you have folks that wandered into your open house and decide that day to become homeowners.  Seasoned agents understand that this could be a month long preparation or years of massaging and dripping to close a deal.  Either way, consider them valid clients and use every opportunity to hone in your customer service skills and allow them to teach you how to treat them.

It’s important to have your systems in place and follow proven methods of conversion, but don’t be so arrogant to dismiss the opportunity to improve how you consult.  Each buyer has a different knowledge base and different needs.  Don’t expect them to fit a mold – meet them where they are and start the education they need to be home owners.